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Gerald Franklin Agency assists current and new bars, restaurants, brewpubs and liquor stores in attaining and renewing TABC license and permits for as required for resale needs. It is of the upmost importance, that permits are applied for and issued correctly depending on the types of business applying. Let us help your business get started on the right foot with the TABC and Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. When you hire us, we do the work for you and ensure that the process continues at a steady pace so that you do not lose more time or money than is necessary.

The TABC requires that you collect specific information to apply for a alcoholic beverage license. GFA will help gather the necessary documents and complete the TABC application for you. When finished, we will file your application to the Travis County Clerk, the City of Austin and the Texas State Comptroller for the required, necessary approval.

The Gerald Franklin Agency is a turn-key Texas liquor license and permit service that helps Austin business owners comply with the rules and regulations of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. If you need to obtain a license and permit to sell beer, wine or mixed beverages in a liquor store, bar, restaurant, or convenience store, we will assist you throughout the entire process. Some establishments are required to have certain types of permits in Texas, such as lottery permits, sales tax permits and tobacco permits, and we can take care of these applications as well.

What Types Establishments Need Our Services

We provide Texas license services for several different types of businesses including :

  • Importation companies
  • Wholesale distribution entities
  • Wineries
  • Package stores
  • Private clubs
  • Night clubs & bars
  • Retail stores
  • Sporting venues
  • Golf courses
  • Manufacturers

Liquor License Austin Texas

How Our Expert Service Can Help You

We will get your application approved and then take it in hand to the TABC. The TABC will need to review the application, schedule an interview with you and inspect the premises where the liquor will be sold. Once the TABC approves your application, we return to the process. At that time, we will take the judge’s order to the county judge and make sure that the court sets a date for your hearing.

The county judge will approve your application, and then we will retrieve it so that we can make the necessary payments to the tax assessor’s office. Finally we will deliver the completed application to the TABC once again and we see to it that those officials will complete the process.

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