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Texas Liquor License

Liquor liability under the Dram Shop Act can hold a licensed provider of alcohol responsible for any harm or injury caused by selling alcohol to an obviously intoxicated customer who causes an accident or fatality.

Marcus Stokke is highly trained and experienced in the field of responsible alcohol sales, intoxicated patrons, underage drinking, liquor law compliance, and TABC Regulatory issues. Whether you are an attorney in need of an expert witness or a permit holder in need of help with compliance issues, he has the knowledge and experience to help.

Mr. Stokke is a Texas Liquor Law Expert and former Supervisor of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission as well as a Texas Master Peace Officer licensed for 26 years with many years of experience in security and private investigations.

He is an expert in liquor licensing matters and is highly trained in courtroom testimony and procedures. He is currently available for a limited number of defense and plaintiff cases in the State of Texas.

Marcus Stokke’s full resume is available upon request.