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Sign Requirements When Applying for a Texas Liquor License

Texas Liquor License

Anyone who intends to sell alcoholic beverages in the great state of Texas must understand and comply with a number of important laws. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission requires the placement of visible signs at any establishment where liquor will be sold and/or consumed. A Houston liquor license service can help you to obtain the proper licenses for your business.

Types of Establishments that Require Alcohol Signage

According to Texas statutes, a restaurant is defined as any establishment where food and beverages are prepared and sold for on-site consumption or to be taken away and consumed at another location. Restaurants are additionally classified by a Limited or General designation. Only a Restaurant-General may legally obtain a Texas liquor license to sell alcoholic beverages. To qualify as a Restaurant-General, the establishment must derive a minimum of 51% of their gross sales from the sale of prepared comestibles.

Cocktail Lounge
Any establishment that sells wine, beer or cocktails to be consumed on-site is considered a cocktail lounge. Bowling alleys, dance halls, billiard and pool parlors and live music venues are also considered to be cocktail lounges in the eyes of the law, provided that alcoholic beverages account for at least 49% of their gross revenue.

Package Store
A package store is a physically discrete establishment where liquor may be legally sold but not consumed. A package store may sell other things in addition to alcohol, but must close their doors to business during times when alcohol may not be sold. The times when liquor may not be sold in a package store include Sundays, Christmas, New Years Day and Thanksgiving Day.

Sixty-Day Signage

The TABC may require you to post a sixty-day sign of public intention prior to or during the time you apply for your Texas alcoholic beverage license. If the same location has been licensed within the past two years, you may receive a waiver of this requirement.

Additional Signs You May Be Required to Post

A mandatory sixty-day sign where the public can read your intent to sell liquor is only the first of many signs you will need to know about. Depending on the type of establishment you operate, other signs may be required in order to obtain and keep a Texas liquor license.

Health Risk Warning Sign
Alcoholic beverages sold in the United States come with a warning on the label. Since you may be serving adult beverages without such a label, you may be required to post approved warning signs about the health dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

Public Information and Complaint Sign
If you own a bar, lounge or restaurant where alcohol is served, you will be required by law to visibly post a notice along with a phone number where a person can make a formal complaint about the alcoholic beverages or service provided by your business.

Weapons Warning Sign
If less than half of your gross revenue is derived from liquor sales, you will be required to post a sign that clearly states the following: β€œIt is unlawful to carry a weapon on the premises unless the person is licensed to carry the weapon under the concealed handgun law.” If your liquor sales account for 51% or more of your gross revenue, the weapons sign you post will be superimposed with the notation that possessing a concealed weapon within your establishment constitutes a felony in the state of Texas.

If you have questions or would like to begin the application process for your Texas liquor license, A Houston liquor license service can answer your questions and help you to obtain the licenses needed for your type of business.